Vianočný pozdrav od pátra Erika z Manvi

Greetings from Fr. Eric

We wish you a very Happy Christmas and a Bright New year 2012. May the Child Jesus bless you and your family with abundant gifts of Peace, Good Health and Joy. This is the Season which reminds us of the greatest Gift of the Father to this world. And this gesture has been an inspiration to all men and women of good will to be gifts on their part to many more brothers and sisters.

We would like to express our deep sense of gratitude for all that you have been to our children and our Mission. You have brought in a lot of joy and hope into the lives of these children. Otherwise they would have been groping in the darkness of poverty and ignorance and exploitation.

Their smile, liveliness and interest in studies and other activities and especially in prayer show how much good can be brought into their lives and how they respond when we reach out to them.

Our school is giving its best towards the formation of these children with the help of dedicated staff who give their time and attention even outside the class hours to bring out the best from these children.

We had various competitions-inter-class and inter-house in cultural activities and games and sports. Our children have shown their talents and skills in a marvelous way.

Dear friend, we thank you for your support and your generosity. Because of your support some of our children got good education. They are doing very well and we are happy about their achievements. Please do come to this mission to see your children whom you have supported with love.
As we celebrate Christmas we will remember you gratefully and pray to Baby Jesus to shower His love and blessings on you and your dear ones.

I thank you so much for your support and I know you are supporting our children with a great spirit of sacrifice and love. May your sacrifice be blessed hundred fold by the Giver of Great Gifts. We always remember you as our friend and benefactor and pray for you and your family during the mass.

Once again wishing you a Happy Christmas and a Bright New Year in the name of all our children and our team,

Yours gratefully